Meeting Room

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Meeting Room is a revolutionary application that connects people like never before. It gives users the power to hold online meetings in a virtual workspaces where they can share ideas and engaging creative content. The Meeting Room application provide a platform for a company, school classroom or group of friends to meet face to face in a shared space. It's much more than a video confrencing application, it's a tool that gives users the power gather and communicate communicate from any remote location in the world using a virtual represeantation of themselves. Teachers, students and business leaders can share a presentation, image, song, video, or product design. We think Meeting Room is the next office space, it is the next classroom and it is the way people will want to work and connect after using it. Meeting room is a practicle way to for organisationsto meet in a convenient and price competitive solution to connect their global teams in an effortless manner. They want to cut travel expenses, improve decision-making and empower their people by giving them the space and tools to maximise their productivity. Our hope for this industry is to see more experimentation with this technology in both software and hardware to explore its capabilities. We have seen a progression from curiosity to adoption in enterprise VR and we look forward to VR becoming the norm in enterprise collaboration. All of us at MeetinVR are excited by immersive technologies and we see its potential in boosting productivity and consolidating team identity for distributed teams.